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Getinge Sealing Equipment

The entire circulation of sterile goods has to be considered when securing the best routines for infection control, high efficiency, and a ergonomic workplace. That’s why Getinge not only offers washer-disinfectors and sterilizers, but also a complete range of practical and easy-to-use equipment that can be adapted for an improved workflow. Mobility, efficiency and ergonomics reflect the accessories in a complete CSSD.

The wide range consists of five products divided into rotary and bar sealers. The Getinge ProSeal rotary model is available in three versions; Classic, Plus and Premium. Plus and Premium are validated according to DIN EN ISO 11607-2. The Getinge SafeSeal Classic and Plus, are two effective quality bar sealers that perform a good trouble-free seal without bottlenecks. All models have a new compact design and are easy to keep clean.

Here you will find a selection of practical, easy-to-use sealers, label printers and dispensers designed for fast, efficient and reliable packaging and sealing of sterile goods. All products supplied have been pre-tested to conform high quality standards.

Compatible with the Getinge packaging station

Although all of the Getinge sealers are designed with focus on user friendless and thus can be used separately, they have been developed as a vital part of Getinge´s modularized package station solution; including inspection lamps, height-adjustable packing table, custom made sealing table and cutting devices with pouch roll holders.

Perfect seal even with big and bulky pouches – with a smooth and easy entrance

Most users know that it can be quite difficult to insert big, heavy and bulky pouches into a sealer – many times two persons need to work together to insert a big pouch properly. Getinge ProSeal solves this problem with a slow start button that allows the user to reduce the belt speed. The pouch then enters smoothly and the sealing seam will be successfully completed. Getinge SafeSeal has an optional foot pedal for hands free operation, making it easy for one user to seal even big and bulky pouches without wrinkled seams.

In hospitals and other facilities the staff spends a lot of time with packaging. This is why Getinge has put great emphasis on improving the effectiveness of the sealing process when developing the new range of sealers.

The range contains sealers for high-end demands according to DIN EN ISO 11607-2, as well as basic models for when you simply need to perform good, trouble-free seals. Consider Getinge SafeSeal if you need a reliable bar sealer – and Getinge ProSeal if you are looking for a more advanced rotary sealer. SafeSeal and ProSeal come in two respectively three different models; Classic and Premium, and Classic, Plus and Premium.

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Getinge ProSeal Rotary Sealers

In a hospital’s sterilization workflow, the most crucial factor to maintain safety and efficiency is to assure easy-to-use solutions for the sterilization staff when handling the equipment. This has been the focus when developing ProSeal, the new generation of rotary sealers.

The big rounded edges have a guiding effect that makes it easy to enter the pouch in the sealer. Together with the slow start function the user can seal big and bulky items with maintained control. Furthermore the sealer can be tilted for best ergonomic position.

An animated LED light gives direct feedback on the sealer’s status. The user can from distance tell if the sealer is heating up and when it’s ready to use. When sealing, the light follows the movement of the pouch to confirm the safe sealing process.

The touch screen’s guiding and intuitive graphical user interface only show the information the user need at each situation. It also warns if a process parameter is critical to assure guaranteed sealing results. Furthermore the ease of use shortens the training time for new staff.

All these details make the ProSeal a key component in making the sterilization workflow as safe and efficient as possible.

To make it easier to seal a perfect seam Getinge has developed a slow start function that minimizes the number of wrinkled seams. It also makes it easier for one person to handle big and bulky pouches without assistance. Use the slow start function on the touch screen and the belt slows down, making it easier to insert the pouch.

Getinge ProSeal Plus and Premium have a CENTRIC color touch-screen for quick and easy operation. Here the user can change temperature and other settings when sealing different kinds of pouch materials. A blue LED-light communication indicates the sealer modes; heat-up, ready to seal, and confirms the safe process by following the position of the pouch when sealing. The sealer automatically goes into a energy saving, standby mode when not in use (if preferred by the user).

All Getinge sealers are module based. This enables fast and easy validation, maintenance on site, and maximum up time.


  • High safety & reliability
  • Energy-saving function
  • Ergonomic & user-friendly

    All sealers are validated and shipped with a certificate. Operating instructions, technical information and a list of spare parts are included in delivery.


    Packing table

    To support bags/pouches during sealing, a packing table can be added to GS 54 and GS 57 models. The table acts as an extra support for items during through- feed in the sealer. Staff experiences greater comfort and ergonomics when sealing pouches for modular instrument trays, as part of the weight is borne by the table. The table is made of stainless steel.

    Validation set

    Complete validation set in a case.

    Strength test device

    Device for testing the seam. Supplied complete in a case.

    Microprocessor-controlled automatic heat sealer for sterilization bags and pouches. Validated sealing function with adjustable temperature (50–200°C) and short heat-up time. Speed: Approx. 10 m/min. Touch panel with integrated display. Easy to clean.

    Fully automatic heat sealers with energy-saving function and other useful features. Hygienic touch panel with integrated display. User-friendly with choice of multiple languages and preset temperatures. Temperature is adjustable 50–200°C. The sealer is microprocessor-controlled and has PC connection. Can also be integrated with documentation system. These sealers are available in versions with one or two integrated printers for printing out texts, batch codes and personal codes on sterilization bags/ pouches. Also available in a version with pressure control.


    Description SafeSeal Classic SafeSeal Premium ProSeal Classic ProSeal


    ProSeal Premium
    Article No.

    6003000196 6003000197 6003000193 6003000194 6003000195
    Temperature range (adjustable) --
  • Sealing time range (adjustable)
  • Slow start function) -- -- --
  • Automatic start function) -- --
  • Features

    Character display --
  • -- --
    CENTRIC colour touch screen -- -- --
  • Getinge Online -- -- --
  • Security

  • EMC Tested
  • Overheat protection
  • Documentation

    Validateable --
  • --
  • Can be integrated with T-DOC system -- -- --
  • Logging -- --
  • USB interface -- --
  • Ethernet -- -- --
  • Printer

    Integrated Printer -- -- -- --
  • Accessories

    External label printer with cables -- -- --
  • Validation tool kit --
  • Strength test
  • Barcode scanner -- -- --
  • Support table -- -- -- --
  • Other features

    Pressure range adjustable (mechanical) N/A N/A 40 - 100 N 40 - 100 N 40 - 100 N
    Seam width 10 mm 10 mm 10 mm 10 mm 10 mm
    Seam length 300 mm 300 mm Free length Free length Free length
    Standby time (adjustable) N/A 1 - 60 min 1 - 60 min 1 - 60 min 1 - 60 min
    Heat-up time to 180°C impulse 180 s 180 s 180 s 180 s
    Temperature range (adjustable) N/A 100°C - 200°C 100°C - 200°C 100°C - 200°C 100°C - 200°C
    Sealing time (adjustable) 1 - 5 s 1 - 8 s -- -- --
    Speed range mm/s (adjustable) -- -- 120 - 170 120 - 170 120 - 170
    Dimensions mm (W xD xH) 435 x250 x100 435 x250 x100 580 x255 x133 580 x255 x133 580 x255 x155
    Weight 8,4 kg 8,4 kg 9,8 kg 9,8 kg 10,1 kg
    Power 850 W 550 W 550 W 550 W 550 W


    Article No. Description Size (L x W x H ), mm
    440 80 94 GS 57 label printer 257 x 230 x 167

    This versatile, easy-to-use thermal transfer label printer is designed to be connected with Getinge GS 57 sealers and simplify production of barcode labels.

    Automatic number generation.

    Voltage: 210-240V.


    Article No. Description Seam width, mm Size (L x W x H ), mm Weight, kg
    561 58 19-01 GS 100 10 410 x 300 x 165 6

    Compact micro-processor-controlled impulse heat sealer for safe sealing of sterilization pouches. Automatically adjustable temperature. Easy to use and ideal for small clinics.

    Voltage: 210-240V.


    Article No. Description Seam width, mm Size (L x W x H ), mm Weight, kg
    561 56 09-01 GS 200 10 410 x 300 x 165 6

    Compact micro-processor-controlled impulse heat sealer for safe sealing of sterilization pouches. Automatically adjustable temperature. Equipped with a roll-support and cutting device. Easy to use and ideal for small clinics.

    Voltage: 210-240V.


    Article No. Size (L x W x H), mm
    441 01 42 460 x 155 x 355

    Set for validating the performance of sealers GS 54 and GS57. The set is delivered complete in a case, including:

    – strength adjustment and measuring tool

    – speed control unit

    – temperature control unit

    – temperature sensors

    – small tools

    – service manual & CD.


    Article No. Size (L x W x H), mm
    441 02 17 460 x 155 x 355

    Device for testing the sealer seam. The set is delivered complete in a case, including:

    – mechanical part for strength test device

    – strength measuring unit Chattillon

    – service manual & CD-ROM.

    Compact micro-processor-controlled impulse heat sealer for safe sealing of sterilization pouches. Automatically adjustable temperature. Equipped with a roll-support and cutting device. Easy to use and ideal for small clinics.

    Voltage: 210-240V.

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