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Getinge Inspection & Packing Area

The task of inspecting and packing sterile goods places special demands on the selection of tables and chairs, as well as on the inspection equipment. They must be ergonomically designed to reduce the risk of strain-related injuries; and they must fulfill strict hygiene requirements.

Sorting, inspection & packing

On leaving the washer-disinfector, the clean (but not sterile) goods enter the area for sorting, inspection and packing. Note that in the entire circulating syst em, the only time the instruments leave the trays is at the point of use and the point of inspection at the packing tables. After packing, the instrument trays are placed in the pass-through sterilizers.

Fabrics are sorted, inspected, packed and labeled in a separate area before moving along for sterilization.


Article No. Size (L x W x H ), mm
440 20 87 1350 x 600 x 845

Movable trolley, for storing of 4 different sizes of sterilizing wrapping paper sheets at the packing stations. The trolley is made of stainless steel tubes and is equipped with 4 pivoting ball bearing rubber wheels, two of which are equipped with brakes.



These tables are specially designed for sorting, inspection, functional control and packing of various sets for wards, clinics etc, and for surgical instrument sets in trays. The work can be done comfortably, either sitting or standing. The worktop is made of plastic laminate in a soft beige color that reduces glare. The table is available as a single workplace or a double workplace. A two-shelf console mounted on the worktop is included for storage of packaging materials. The table comes complete with a wooden drawer unit mounted under the worktop. Each drawer unit is 400 mm wide and includes a drawer and a sliding plate.


Stainless steel



Description Size (L x W x H ) mm Shelf width, mm


Shelf width, mm




479 29 32-62 479 29 32-63 Single workplace 1600 x 700 x 900 300 350 1
479 29 31-62 479 29 31-63 Double workplace 1600 x 1400 x 900 600 700 2
479 29 32-70 479 29 32-71 Single workplace 2000 x 700 x 900 300 350 1
479 29 31-70 479 29 31-71 Double workplace 2000 x 1400 x 900 600 700 2
Article No. Description
560 37 75-01 230V/50Hz



HPcore material

without shelves


HPcore material

with shelves


stainless steel

without shelves


stainless steel

with shelves

Size (L x W) mm
561 73 65-01 561 73 65-21 561 73 65-51 561 73 65-61 1200 x 800
561 73 65-02 561 73 65-22 561 73 65-52 561 73 65-62 1400 x 800
561 73 65-03 561 73 65-23 561 73 65-53 561 73 65-63 1600 x 800
561 73 65-04 561 73 65-24 561 73 65-54 561 73 65-64 1800 x 800
561 73 65-05 561 73 65-25 561 73 65-55 561 73 65-65 2000 x 800
Article No. Description
567 56 18-70 Drawer unit, Stainless steel, size 500 x 400 mm
560 37 75-01 Lamp 230V/50Hz (for tables with shelves)
561 94 92-01 Set of 4 galvanized wheels

Specially designed tables for sorting, checking and packaging of various instruments, sets etc. The height-adjustable stand enhances ergonomics, hence reducing the risk of injury due to strain. The tabletop is available in either high-pressure (HP) core material or stainless steel. In both versions, the framework and stand are made of stainless steel. The height is adjustable between 755 and 1255 mm and the speed is 40 mm/sec. Max load is 100 kg. Voltage: 230V/50Hz.


Frame Stainless steel Frame Powder-coated Size (L x W x H ), mm
479 98 80-12 479 98 80-02 1200 x 650 x 900
479 98 80-13 479 98 80-03 1600 x 650 x 900
479 98 80-14 479 98 80-04 2000 x 650 x 900
479 98 80-15 479 98 80-05 2400 x 650 x 900
479 98 80-16 479 98 80-06 2800 x 650 x 900

Work tables specially designed for work with dry goods. The tabletop is made of plastic laminate in a soft beige color that reduces glare. Floor stand is made of either stainless steel or powder-coated steel.


Frame Stainless steel Frame Powder-coated Size (L x W x H ), mm
479 98 80-12 479 98 80-02 1200 x 650 x 900
478 63 83-70 478 63 83-71 2000 x 1400 x 900

Inspection and folding table for linen. The tabletop is made of a plastic laminate in a soft beige color and is equipped with a plastic illuminated inspection panel. The extended width allows comfortable work with large dressing sheets. Work can be carried out comfortably either standing or sitting. The table is available with frame made of either stainless steel or powder-coated steel. 230 V/ 50Hz.


Article No. Description Height adjustment, mm
560 19 22-01 Adjustable chair, Standard 580–835
561 52 87-01 Adjustable chair, Special 570–820

Ergonomical chairs, available in standard and special models. The seat and backrest are upholstered with black, easy-to-clean vinyl in the Standard model. The Special model is upholstered with an easy-to-clean fabric that “breathes”. On both models the backrest and seat are adjustable in height and depth. The adjustment controls are located on the right-hand side of the seat. A footrest made of durable black polyamide is mounted on the gas-filled stem. Other surfaces are coated with nonporous black lacquer that provides good chemical resistance and hardness. The chair is delivered with castors for hard floors.


Article No. Description Size (L x W x H ), mm
560 17 14-01 Roll dispenser, GS 900 900 x 330 x 170
560 17 15-01 Roll dispenser, GS 1200 1200 x 330 x 170
560 17 16-01 Roll dispenser, GS 1500 1500 x 330 x 170
564 70 99-70 Set holders for wall mounting 70 x 30 x 20*
442 50 40 Cutting knife --

These roll dispensers can be used for both storage and cutting of clear-view packaging materials on rolls with a maximum diameter of approx. 220 mm. They are available in three different lengths, for wall or tabletop use. The sliding-action knife is completely built into the housing to prevent injury. Extra cutting knives are available as spare parts.


Article No. Size (L x W x H ), mm
561 57 07-01 260 x 60 x 120

This dispenser for sterilizer tape holds two reels of tape. The heavy-duty bottom plate, fitted with anti-slip rubber, prevents the dispenser from slipping when tape is torn off. Made of high quality coated steel for long use.



High quality magnifying lamps, suitable when inspecting delicate instruments. The fully adjustable arm enables the user to adjust the magnifying lens to any preferred angle. Delivered with clamp for affixing to the table. A cover is included for the magnifying lens to protect from dust and to prevent it from inadvertently acting as a burning-glass. Two models are available:

Magnifying lamp, Deluxe flicker-free for longer work with optimal comfort. With 190 mm viewing field with standard +3-diopter glass lens that magnifies 1.75 times. 2x13W energy-saving tubes. With two independent switches to allow even light or create shadows.

Magnifying lamp, Standard has a circular 22W energy-saving lamp that surrounds the magnifying lens. This provides effective lighting without annoying heat. The viewing field is 127 mm.

Inspection lamp with EUR plug Inspection lamp with UK 3-pin plug Description Voltage
561 95 27-01 561 95 27-02 Magnifying lamp, Deluxe 220-240 V / 50–60 Hz
561 95 26-01 561 95 26-02 Magnifying lamp, Standard 220-240 V / 50–60 Hz



The range of magnifiers includes the Stereo viewer and Stereo microscope, both with eyepiece-free technology for high-resolution viewing. As these stereo magnifiers offer superb 3D imaging, they are highly suitable for the inspection of delicate items at the CSSD or other smaller sterile units. The eyepiece-free viewing, together with the fully adjustable stand, allows unparalleled levels of user comfort, reducing operator fatigue.

Stereo microscope – a highly ergonomical stereo microscope for intricate tasks requiring high-resolution stereo viewing, featuring:

– Patented Dynascope technology, which expands the exit pupil, thus allowing a longer working distance, head freedom and eye relief for excellent ergonomics and superb hand-to-eye coordination.

– Simple 3-D viewing, with the apparent distance to the viewed object identical to the real distance, i.e. no re-focussing and less eye fatigue.

– Flexible balancing arm, making it easy to move and find the right position.

– High-resolution image, thanks to x4.2–x28 stereo zoom magnification range with step-less adjustment.

– True color from long-life 14-point LED illuminator providing over 10,000 hours of shadow-free viewing.

Image capture and storage

Digital video camera designed for instant digital image capture, together with software package for image storage in BMP, JPG & PNG format. Enables documentation for analysis or archiving.

Stereo viewer – the high-performance stereo viewer for a wide range of precision and inspection tasks requiring magnification and hand-to-eye coordination. The patented optical technology allows operators freedom of head movement, and thus superb ergonomics, large field of view, long working distance and head tilt capability.

– x4–x10 magnification options with quick change turret. x4 magnification included in delivery, x10 optional.

– True color, LED illumination providing over 10,000 hours of shadow-free viewing.

– Large field of view for easy sample manipulation and rework.

– Flexible swing arm with small footprint.

– Delivery includes head, universal stand with dust cover, objective x4 magnification, multi - plug.

Article No. Description Voltage
561 96 15-01 Stereo microscope 110-240 V / 50–60 Hz
561 96 10-01 Stereo viewer 110-240 V / 50–60 Hz
561 96 12-03 Objective x10 magnification --
561 96 15-02 Unicam fo Stereo Microscope --
561 96 15-03 Software --

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