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Getinge WD 46 - Series Washer- Disinfector

Getinge 46 -Series Chamber volume 201 to 225 Liters, Load Capacity 4 to 10 trays

The unique Getinge 46-series is a smart washer-disinfector family that offers efficient reprocessing for reusables in wards, outpatient clinics, surgical departments and similar institutions. This is the answer when a high throughput of reusable items is required.

A wide range of unique wash carts have been customized for loading customer-specific goods. This versatility saves time, effort, energy and costs. Additionally, these washer-disinfectors not only meet all relevant standards of today, but have also been tested and approved in accordance with forthcoming EN/ISO 15883 standard.

The 46-Series Washer-Disinfector from Getinge is a small, fully automatic, washer-disinfector designed to support smaller volume, cost conscious customers. The 46-Series provides critical cleaning plus thermal disinfection with high volume/low pressure cleaning technology and six (6) pre-programmed cycles in a compact, space-saving frame. The result is a washer that is ideally suited for point-of-use cleaning and thermal disinfection for medical facilities with 1 to 4 operating rooms.

Exceptional cleaning for the cost conscious

The new Getinge 46-series washer-disinfectors have been developed to meet the demanding needs of the healthcare sector. Hygienic and ergonomical solutions are combined with the latest technology for maximum user security. The Getinge 46-series washer-disinfectors are precisely matched to every need in the healthcare sector. Choose between two, four or five levels depending on the type and quantity of equipment you need to process.

Product Description

The Getinge 46-series washer-disinfectors cover the extensive needs of hospital wards, outpatient clinics, surgical departments and central sterile supply departments. These washer-disinfectors cleanses, disinfects and dries any kind of reusables– from complex instruments to ward utensils as well as tubular instrument.

The unique Getinge 46-series is the result of extensive research combined with in-depth user feedback. Hygienic and agronomical solutions as well as built-in alarms are matched with the latest technology for maximum user security.

How many reusables do you have to process?

What kinds? Getinge 46-series includes machines precisely matched to your needs.

Additional options

• Flow monitoring – to measure the flow from the detergent pumps and stop the process if the set quantity has not been dispensed.

• Printer – free-standing or mounted on the machine.

• Extra dosing pumps – two pumps are standard, but Getinge 46-5 and 46-4 can be fitted with two extra pumps, while Getinge 46-2 takes only one optional extra pump.

• Cover plates – for building into the barrier. • Pressure monitoring – checks the water pressure. • Drain cooling – cools the drained water.

• Purified water valve – for final rinse water • Filter monitoring – checks the sterile filter • Conductivity control – to verify that no detergent residues are left in the final rinse water, and thus not in the disinfected items either.

• Acoustic signal – in the event of an alarm.

Product Features

  • Rotary spray arms fixed at top and bottom of chamber allowing water and detergent to reach all surfaces
  • Compact space-saving size
  • Glass door for visual inspection
  • User friendly control panel
  • Double-action drying reduces cost and process-time
  • Independent temperature monitoring and validation test port according to EN ISO 15883
  • Data interface RS232 + RS485 for external printer
  • Differential pressure monitoring HEPA-filter includedwithGetinge46-4 and 46-5 (for drying).

  • Getinge WD 46 - series Model 46-2 Model 46-4 Model 46-5

    Typical application Getinge 46-2

    – for wards and outpatient clinics, items on two levels.

    Getinge 46-4

    – for surgical departments and smaller central sterile supply departments, items on four levels.

    Getinge 46-5

    – for larger surgical instrument sets and central sterile supply departments, items on five levels.

    Wash levels 2 4 5
    Chamber height 590 mm 590 mm 660 mm
    Chamber width 550 mm 550 mm 550 mm
    Chamber depth 620 mm 620 mm 620 mm
    DIN 1/1 trays per load* 4 8 10
    SPRI 1 trays per load** 4 8 10

    (* = DIN 1/1 = 480 x 250 x 50 mm) and (** = SPRI 1 = 450 x 340 x 70 mm)

    The Getinge 46-series includes machines for wards, outpatient clinics, surgical departments and central sterile supply departments. These washer-disinfectors process all kinds of reusables – from complicated instruments to ward utensils. All kinds of tubular instruments can be cleaned, disinfected and dried.

    High washing capacity

    Getinge 46-series washer-disinfectors combine large chambers with small external dimensions. The Getinge 46-5 model has 5-level instrument wash carts, Getinge 46-4 has 4-level wash carts. Each shelf and spray arm is removable, and the spray-arm fixtures can be used for other accessories, e.g. for cleaning of complicated items such as tubular instruments.

    For dental clinics

    For dental clinics with high demands on capacity, the Getinge 46-series can be suitable. Special accessories for dental purposes are available. Getinge 46-4 can handle up to 36 handpieces and 18 dental trays.

    For surgical departments

    The Getinge 46-4 has been specially developed to match the needs of surgical departments and smaller CSSD (Central Sterile Processing departments). It cleans and disinfects all kinds of items on up to four levels. Each wash level, consisting of a removable shelf and spray arm, can be adapted to each individual need. Tubular instruments can be conveniently placed in an MIS wash cart, which can take as many as 80 connections. The AN wash cart has capacity for 4–6 AN sets with a maximum of 12 tubes.

    For surgical departments and central sterile processing/CSSD

    The Getinge 46-5 is developed to match the needs of larger surgical instrument sets and for use in Central Sterile Processing/CSSD. It cleans and disinfects all kinds of items on up to five levels. Each wash level, consisting of removable shelf and spray arm, can be adapted to the individual need. Tubular instruments can be advantageously cleaned in the MIS wash cart with capacity for as many as 80 connections. The AN-wash cart has capacity for 4–6 AN sets with up to 12 tubes.

    Accessories - very important for results and capacity

    There is a wide range of accessories for the Getinge 46-series. The washer-disinfector can be equipped with accessories for everything from recirculated goods, tubular instruments and various surgical sets to anaesthetic items and containers.

    Mixed loads enhance your productivity

    Getinge 46-series can process mixed loads of instruments and utensils. The different shelf configurations give the wash racks maximum flexibility.

    OP-wash carts

    OP-wash carts have a modular design with interchangeable parts, making it easy to adapt the carts for many different types of instruments and other goods. The carts are easy to expand with modules for tubular instruments, bowls, shoes and anesthesia accessories, to mention a few. This makes them very useful tools for your department.

    Container carts

    Getinge’s container carts are designed for optimum cleaning and drying of solid, standardized containers and lids.

    MIS-Wash Carts

    Our carts for tubular instruments can be equipped in many ways, and specially adapted with small accessories like hose reels, hose drums, instrument baskets and so on. For more fine and delicate instruments, MIS-accessories - including fine filters for ophthalmic instruments - are available as well.

    Dental carts

    Getinge has accessories to cover all types of goods in dental clinics such as trays, handpieces and instruments. Getinge dental accessories provide excellent cleaning results.

    AN-Wash Carts

    Carts for integrated drying or for separate drying in a drying cabinet – all fitted with a variable number of injectors for bags, bellows, suction bottles and smaller hoses. Getinge AN-wash carts provide excellent cleaning results by filling the hoses from below. Our unique AN-cart, including Getinge's cassette system, can be used for separate drying in a drying cabinet.

    Lab-Wash Carts

    Getinge’s lab wash carts are designed with a unique concept for easy loading. The same cart can be fitted with different cassettes for different types of laboratory glassware. By using the cassette system for everything from small injection glasses to giant vials and pipettes, you can tailor the lab cart precisely to your department’s needs.

    Trays, baskets and other accessories for wash carts

    A wide range of instrument trays and baskets with well thought-out, proven function. They ensure safe placement in the washer-disinfector and complete processing of instruments and small parts.

    Stand for bowls, shoes and baby bottles

    Getinge has a wide range of holders and inserts for almost all types of bowls, shoes and baby bottles. Our clever design efficiently exposes the goods to the water jets, ensuring effective cleaning. The standing position of the goods allows quick runoff and effective drying.

    Key benifits Getinge 46-2

    Short wash cycle

    The normal wash cycle (including drying) can be reduced significantly to 36 minutes by selecting the ÖP Short"program.

    Price vs. capacity

    The relation between capacity and price makes the Getinge 46-2 very competetive !

    Ergonomically loading and unloading

    The ergonomical handle and a loading height of 700 mm (27.6 inches) eliminate strain on the user's back and shoulders.

    Key benifits Getinge 46-4

    Short wash cycle

    The normal wash cycle (including drying) can be reduced significantly to 36 minutes by selecting the ÖP Short"program.

    Outstanding capacity and flexible accessories

    The Getinge 46-4 can wash and disinfect up to 8 large (DIN size) instrument trays, up to 36 dental trays, and with an injector bar for washing up to 80 tubular items. There is also an extensive range of accessories to meet customer demands.

    Double-action drying

    Both internal and external surfaces are dried with pr-heated air which passes through a heat exchanger pre-heating incoming air. This means optimum drying conditions, fast drying times and reduced energy costs. The outgoing air also passes the heat-exchanger where it is cooled.

    Quiet operation

    Double-insulated walls result in low noise and minimal heat emission<.

    Basic configuration

    The Getinge 46-series are fully automatic, microprocessor controlled, washer-disinfectors. Two models are available:

  • 46-4 (maximum 4 wash levels)
  • 46-5 (maximum 5 wash levels)
  • Processing cycles are factory programmed with recommended treatment parameters for pre-rinsing, cleaning, post-rinsing, thermal disinfection, final rinsing and drying. Validated programs are secured by access codes. Detergents and rinse agents are automatically dispensed during cycle and two dosing pumps are standard. The Getinge 46-4 and 46-5 are available with single as well as double-door option.

    Standard features:

  • Independent temperature monitoring and validation test port according to EN ISO 15883-1
  • Data interface RS232 + RS485 for external printer, PC or T DOC
  • Window in door
  • Chamber light
  • Test port for water
  • Combined coarse-/fine-meshed strainer
  • Further options

    All models:

  • Drying heat-exchanger/double-action drying
  • Purified water valve
  • Purified water pump
  • Dosing pumps – 3rd and 4th
  • Flow control of dosing pumps
  • Cover plates – for building into barrier
  • Built-in printer, soiled side
  • Drain cooling
  • Audible alarm
  • Getinge 46-4 and 46-5

  • Steam heating of water
  • Built-in printer, clean side
  • Pressure monitoring – checks the water pressure
  • Laboratory glassware programs
  • Conductivity control of final rinse water (lab applications).
  • WD 46 TURBO

    As of end of 2010

    Using the successful, patented Getinge Turbo concept, the new WD46 TURBO washer-disinfector is now ready for the market. which shortens the process times up to 25 %, thanks to pre-heating of the water and elimination of unnecessary waiting time.

    The load capacity is up to 10 DIN trays, but the footprint is smaller than most other mid-sizeed washer-disinfectors. Standard features like independent temperature monitoring, pressure monitoring of the circulation pump and esy spray arms, ensure safe and reliable operation.

    The WD 46 Turbo washer-disinfector features a multi-tasking system, and by using a unique water circulation system, water consumption is kept to a minimum without comprimize of the cleaning efficiency. Consequently detergent and energy consumption is minimized.

    Furthermore, the WD46 Turbo can be equipped with an automatic drying sensor, which automatically ends the cycle when the goods are dry. Adjusting the drying time to the loads saves both time and energy.

    Getinge Loading Equipment 46-Series
    Getinge Loading Equipment 46-Series

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