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Burns Treatment Tub integrating Therapy Trolly

When the acute phase is over the patient can be treated in Papilio Rectangular with its unique features. Placed on the Therapy Trolley in the tub, the patient can be immersed into the water where his bandages and woundd are soaked. In the Papilio you can let the water soak the bandages and the wounds before starting to remove the dressing and clean the patient. The patient can be raised slightly on the stretcher to give access for wound cleaning. The high quality of the stainless steel surface allows the free use of many substances in the water. The tub has an absolutely smooth surface and softly rounded corners. This also means that it is easy to clean preventing the onslaught of bacterial growth and maintain to a minimum. The pre-condition remains is proper clensing after use.

The height adjustment of Therapy Trolley is stepless so you can control exactly how deep into the water you want to immerse the patient.

The panel of the Papilio is equipped with dual patient showers and an equipment cleaning shower. Both the patient showers and filling of the tub are thermostatically controlled for complete safety.

The transport and transfer of the patient is safely carried out with height adjustable Therapy Trolley that integrates with the Papilio. The Therapy Trolley is easily adjusted for transfer from left to right side of the tub. The soft, comfortable mattress is simple to remove for efficient cleaning.


A flexible system with a choice of control panels to provide a highly efficient bathing system. Also two tub shapes are available: a rectangular tub and a butterfly-shaped tub depending on intended use.

Primo Ferro

A height-adjustable bathing system, particularly suitable for care facilities involved in the treatment of burns injuries or chronic skin conditions.

As an built-in option, both Papilio and Primo Ferro can be provided with Hydrosound, an advanced ultrasound system, which is the gentelest and most efficient way to clean sensative skin. Hydrosound's gentle massaging action offers a new standard of cleanliness and minimizes or eliminates scrubbing or manual cleaning.

The bathing system for treatment of burns and skin conditions

Primo Ferroâ„¢ is a height-adjustable bathing system designed to meet specialised needs for gentle resident handling.

It is particularly suitable for care facilities involved in the treatment of burns injuries or chronic skin conditions.

Key points

  • The system can be customised with a wide range of control, comfort and safety options such as digital temperature control, triple scalding protection and Auto-fill.
  • Its stainless steel chemical-resistant tub provides superior durability and a high standard of hygiene.
  • Therapy options include Hydromassage and Hydrosound.
  • - System integration

    The complete Primo Ferroâ„¢ concept includes integration with mobile lifting aids Alenti, Miranti, Bolero and Calypso to cover all resident mobility levels.

    - Enhancing lives

    Primo Ferroâ„¢ can help in the specialist care of residents at all mobility levels.

    - Making tasks easier and safer

    Specialist care can be provided in a working environment that is ergonomically sound and involves no manual lifting.

    - Improving care and efficiency

    This system ensures the high-precision control of water temperature and other parameters needed for specialised treatment. It can be customised for facility-specific needs in order to maximise efficiency.

    Primo Ferro - Product Specification

    Recumbent bathing system made in stainless steel. Grooves inside to allow for foot-support in alternative positions.

  • Control panel in stainless steel, containing electronic control functions operated by touch pad or push buttons
  • Electro-hydraulic lifting mechanism
  • Digital display of temperature for bathwater and fill/shower
  • Pop-up drain incl. built-in overflow and flexible drain package for wall and floor connection
  • Optional:

  • Automatic filling
  • Emergency lowering
  • Built-in functions to control and monitor the different functions of the bath. Digital
  • temperature control of water for filling and showering by a motor-driven pressure-balanced thermostatic mixing valve

  • Hygienic hydromassage system
  • Automatic hydromassage disinfection
  • Hydrosound
  • Dispensing system for shampoo and bathoil or ARJOSound
  • Integrated cleaning disinfection system
  • Advanced scalding protection
  • Standard second shower handle
  • Accessories:

  • Treatment hose incl. wall attachment
  • Snap-on tray for toiletries
  • Foot-support and pillow package

  • Bolero Lift Bath Trolley

    A reliable lift bath trolley for everyday routines

    Boleroâ„¢ is used for lifting, moving and bathing dependent residents. Using this lift bath trolley, the resident stays safely and comfortably on the stretcher during the whole bathing cycle.

    Key points

    - Bolero is a battery-powered lift bath trolley with height-adjustment controlled via a handset.

    - Designed for easy operation, Bolero is highly manoeuvrable and also fitted with a straight steering device for corridors.

    - Options include a side rail and electronic scale.

  • Lifting capacity: 180 kg (330 lbs);
  • Weight: 65 kg (143 lbs);
  • Max. total weight: 215 kg (473 lbs);
  • Total width: 825 mm (32 1/2");
  • Chasis, width between legs: 495 mm (19 1/2");
  • Clearance under chasis: 80 mm (3 1/8");
  • Total length: 1450 mm (57 1/8")
  • Lifting stroke range (stretecher): 565 mm (22 1/4");
  • Supply voltage: 24 V DC;
  • Colour: Blue/grey
  • Clearance under stretcher, max.: 1035 mm (4 3/4");
  • Height of Lift, Max.: 1720 mm (67 3/4");
  • Height of lift, Min.: 1155 mm (45 1/2")
  • CE approval : CEmarked through TUV UL.

  • Calypso Lift Hygiene Chair

    An easy-to-use Lift Hygiene Chair

    Calypso is an integral part of a safe, comfortable bathing cycle. This chair gives the semi-dependent resident constant security during transfers, transport and the bating cycle itself.

    This battery-powered lift hygiene chair offers many features designed to enhance safe, ergonomic working practices.

    Using Calypso in combination with a height-adjustable tub is the perfect combinatie.

  • Lifting capacity: 136 kg (300 lbs)
  • Weight: 55 kg (120 lbs)
  • Width: 680 mm (26 3/4")
  • Length: 815 mm (32")
  • Lifting Stroke range: 865 mm (22 1/4").

  • Prima Ferro and Balero, both for similar tasks.

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