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Hygienic Lifters

(1) Burnt Victim Trolley

hospital-products - trolley burns

(2) Miranti Bath Trolley

The ergonomic lift bath trolley with Power Drive

Short Description

A battery operated lift bath trolley and hoist. Designed to transport a person to the bath, and lower and raise the person in and out of the bath. Features a powered angle adjustable backrest and central braking.

More Details

The bath hoist is made of a powder coated steel frame and moulded plastic stretcher style seat and backrest. The chassis is V-shaped. The side positioned mast allows sideways transfer from a bed. Either end of the stretcher can be used as the head end with adjustments, enabling transfers from either side of the bed.

A multi-positional headrest and thigh support cushion can be positioned on the stretcher and will stay in place in the bath. A security grip and triangular safeguard locks into position over the middle of the stretcher and prevents the user from falling off. The hoist is designed to be positioned at the side of the bath.

Lifting and lowering of the stretcher, backrest angle adjustment and central braking are operated from the push-button control handset. Height adjustment and brakes can also be controlled via a push-button panel located on the mast of the hoist. The hoist also features powered drive, consisting of a fifth wheel which assists the carer when driving the hoist forward. The power drive system is operated by a push-button in the driving handle. When the power drive push-button is released the trolley will automatically stop. Cut-out attendant handles are positioned at the head end of the stretcher and on the mast.

A security grip and sideguard can be held on to by the user and is made from firm plastic.

The hoist does not dismantle and features one-piece construction. Both ends of the stretcher seat will fold up.

CONTROLS are hand held unit on an extendable cord, with a hook to allow attachment to the hoist.

POWER SOURCE is through a 24V battery located at the bottom of the mast. A yellow light indicates when the battery charge is low. Two batteries are supplied with the hoist to enable a quick-change battery system.

BATTERY RECHARGING is achieved by connecting the charger provided into a mains power point and plugging it into the hoist at the charging terminal.

SAFETY FEATURES include an emergency stop button on the mast. There is also an emergency lower and reset button.


- Electronic weigh scales


Only one model available.

Miranti - Product Specification Battery-powered height-adjustable lift bath trolley for lifting, moving and bathing residents.

* Motor-driven lift bath trolley, with a fifth wheel for driving and tight turns

* Battery-operated lifting system with built-in soft-start function

* Mirror-design for pick-up from either side of the bed

* Moulded closed-cell polyurethane stretcher, easy to clean and disinfect, with adjustable head pillow and anatomical thigh support cushion

* Motor-driven backrest with variable height levels, activated by handset control

* Ergonomic manoeuvring handles

* Resident handle and side support integrated into the trolley

* Handset control and operator panel for all functions with easy to understand symbols

* Visual brake indicator

* Low-friction castors

* Two 24V interchangeable batteries and a battery charger connected to the mains supply

* Safety belts

* Lifting capacity: 160 kg (350 lbs)

* Lifting stroke: 585 mm (23 )

* Width: 860 mm (33 7/8 )

* Length, flat position: 1950 mm (76 3/4 ).


Overall length.............1950mm

Overall width..............860mm

Base length................940mm

Base width.................850mm

Base height................150mm

Stretcher height...........410mm - 995mm

Stated safe working load...160kg

Key points

* Miranti offers maximum powered assistance for the carer – Power Drive means the trolley can be driven and turned with the minimum of physical effort.

* Powered height adjustment of the stretcher ensures correct working height, and the powered backrest means adjustments can be made without manual resident handling.

* All powered functions including the central braking system are controlled via a handset.

(3) Bolero Bath Trolley

A reliable lift bath trolley for everyday routines Boleroâ„¢ is used for lifting, moving and bathing dependent residents. Using this lift bath trolley, the resident stays safely and comfortably on the stretcher during the whole bathing cycle.

Safe transfer without strain

Bolero is a lift bath trolley which allows one single attendant to take a dependent resident from bed to bath, and back again without any manual lifting or extra transfers. Transfers can be made from either side of the bed. The feeling of safety for the resident is enhanced by the hand grip and the two safety straps. Bolero has system integration with Primo and other height adjustable baths. The resident stays on the trolley during the entire bath and is then taken back to bed after bathing.

Short Description

The Arjo Lift Bath Trolley is an electric mobile lifter, which allows the user to be transported between rooms in a lying or reclined seated position. The seat can be raised and lowered to allow lowering into a bath as well as transferring out of a bed or chair. It can be battery operated or manually operated and is available in adults and childrens sizes.

More Details


Straight line steering device for transporting in narrow corridors.

4 castors, 2 with brakes.

Batteries and Charging

Batteries can be recharged separately from the hoist.

12volt rechargeable battery.

Materials Handles, stretcher frame, mast and chassis are made from electrodipped painted steel. Plastic parts are polypropylene. Adjustments

The operating range can be adjusted in intervals of 50mm.

The battery powered version range is 40mm to -630mm minimum and 490mm to 1080mm maximum.

Oil hydraulic version range is 40mm to 540mm minimum and 490mm to 990mm maximum.

Additional Features

Two lengths are available 1400mm and 1900mm to accommodate various bath lengths.

Safety stop if lowered into an obstacle.

Waterproof mattress.

Straps to secure the occupant.

Back support can be adjusted to three different positions.

Hand grip for the occupant being transferred.

Head support and foot board to prevent a client sliding out.


Electronic patient scale for weighing users while in the lift bath trolley.

Side rail for safety and security.

Oil hydraulic manual version also available.


Width of Base..................................... 825 mm

Overall Width..................................... 825 mm

Overall Length.................................... From 1080 mm to 1950 mm

Castor Diameter................................... From 75 mm to 100 mm

Load Capacity (supplier stated)................... 150 kg

Bolero - Product Specification

Battery-powered height-adjustable lift bath trolley for lifting, moving, showering and bathing residents.

* Two 24V interchanageable batteries and a battery

charger connected to the main supply

* Detachable and removable battery

* Automatic safety stop if lowered onto an obstacle

* Warning lamp for low battery

* Foldable hand rests

* Two castors with brakes

* Straight steering device

* Safety belts

* Hydraulic version also available

* Lifting capacity: 330 lbs (150 kg).

Key points

* Bolero is a battery-powered lift bath trolley with height-adjustment controlled via a handset.

* Designed for easy operation, Bolero is highly manoeuvrable and also fitted with a straight steering device for corridors.

* Options include a side rail and electronic scale.

(4) Alenti Bath Trolley

A battery operated hygiene lift chair for lifting, moving and bathing. It consists of a chassis on four castors with a polyurethane seat and back support. Fold down arms surround the user for added stability. The up / down movement as well as the central brake operation are controlled from a hand set.

The most advanced lift hygiene chair available

As part of an integrated bathing system, Alentiâ„¢ provides the best available transport and transfer solution for semi-dependent residents.

The resident sits safely and comfortably on the submersible Alenti seat during all stages of the bathing cycle.

Key points

* The battery-powered Alenti offers many features designed to enhance safe ergonomic working practices – from handset control and height-adjustability to ergo grips and central braking.

* Safety during transport is assured by a safety belt – the driving handlebars double as a firm armrest for the resident.

* Alenti can also be used as a height-adjustable shower chair and for toileting.

(5) Calypso Classic Bath Trolley

An easy to use lift hygiene chair

Calypsoâ„¢ is used for lifting, moving, showering and bathing semi-dependent residents. The resident sits in safety and comfort on the Calypso seat during the entire bathing cycle.

Key points

* Calypso is a battery-powered lift hygiene chair designed for easy operation with height-adjustment controlled via a handset.

* This aid can also serve as a shower chair and be used for toileting.

* Options include leg rest, seat cushion and electronic scale.

(6) Calypso Pur Bath Trolley

Calypso with a new comfortable PUR seat The Calypso is a lift hygiene chair that has been developed to prevent back injuries to nursing staff due to lifting or manual handling of residents. The new seat in PUR material is soft and comfortable. It is also easy to clean thanks to the one-piece construction of the seat.

With the Calypso, one carer can safely and comfortably transfer a resident who is able to sit upright, directly from bed to bath, shower or toilet and back again without any manual lifting or extra transfers. The Calypso integrates with all fixed and height adjustable baths.

Key points

* Calypso is a battery-powered lift hygiene chair designed for easy operation with height-adjustment controlled via a handset.

* This aid can also serve as a shower chair and be used for toileting.

* The one piece construction makes the PUR seat easy to clean and disinfect.

* Options include leg rest, seat cushion and electronic scale.

* The Calypso has double backrests with integrated handles.

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