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Huntleigh Bed Mattress


Besides the choice of the optimum bed, patients who spend a lot of time sitting or lying in bed mandate a combination of products which conform to the following basic requirements :

- a bed with double retractable function for the back and legs to reduce stress and decubitus risk;

- the correct mattress core and outer cover combination.

The mattress core : The use of open-pore cold foam ensures better areation. Often the mattress has additional vent channels on the surface or in the inside.

The properties of the overall cover, besides removable for washing purposes, needs to have a one-sided resistance to penetration of urine and disinfectants, and the use of materials which are "breathable" and also permits ingress of steam which will be used in the cleaning process, - finally these covers do not introduce any pollutants in compliance with the Eco-Tex standards.

The cover cleaning can be washed at 60 degrees/and or 95 degrees Centigrade and may be machine dried. Besides allowing disinfection, these covers its resistance to bacteria, viruses, fungi and mites.

Flame resistant in accordance with BS7175 sec. 3 crib 5.

When people are bedridden for long periods of time, the covers are subject to larger wear and tear.

Huntleigh Healthcare's support surfaces are designed to prevent and treat pressure ulcers, minimize costly reoccurrences, and conserve health care dollars and resources. See Huntleigh Corporate article.

Note: Benefit of Bathing

The bathing process promotes a sense of patient well-being. A warm bath soothes muscles and relaxes the mind. For those with impaired mobility, bathing becomes even more important. A bath makes the body feel lighter, and the water allows the resident greater freedom of movement.

(1) Nimbus 3

The Nimbus 3 mattress replacement is a true dynamic system providing effective alternating pressure relief with automatic adjustment to the weight, size and position of the individual patient, ensuring optimum pressure relief and comfort.

Since 1989, the Nimbus Advanced Dynamic Flotation System has been clinically proven to be one of the most effective, comfortable, yet cost efficient, pressure relieving mattress replacement systems used in hospitals and nursing homes throughout the world.


The Nimbus 3 System effectively relieves pressure below clinically relevant thresholds close to arteriolar, capillary and venule operating pressures nominally at 30, 20 and 10 mmHg for longer periods of time.

This enables blood vessel diameters to remain as large as possible for as long as possible ensuring tissue oxygation and nutrition are maintained and the removal of toxins is stimulated. Ths aids the effective prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers.

Interface pressure remains at under 10mmHg for an average of 40% of the 10 minute cycle. In tests, for up to 30% of that time, the Nimbus 3 System operates at zero pressure.


(2) Nimbus 3 Professional

Nimbus 3 Professional is the premier pressure redistributing and patient management system within the Nimbus brand of class leading âDynamic Flotationâ products. it provides users across all care environments with the most complete dual therapy system in the world, as well as dedicated mattress zone deflation through the use of innovative âVent Valve Technologyâ and constantly adjusting support surface pressures to ensure effective pressure redistribution through its unique Automatt® sensor pad.


The Nimbus Professional system provides the same dual therapy and features as Nimbus 4 with the following unique additional features:

Head Section Deflate

The top 3 semi-dynamic cells can be deflated to remove pressure from beneath the head, or for providing access to the head and neck for specialist nursing procedures (i.e. intubation, cannulation and feed support lines).

Torso Deflate

The sacral section of the mattress can be deflated to assist with nursing procedures including bed-chair transfer, physiotherapy, low-height patient egress and also specialised interventions such as C/D Arm imaging or X-ray provision.

Zoned Wound Valve Technology

Zoned Wound Valve Technology allows carers to selectively isolate any one of the 19 individual cells under a patient’s body, providing complete and permanent pressure off-loading, making this mattress the most adaptable support surface for the management of highly vulnerable areas such as grafts, burns, wounds, heels and ischaemic legs.

(Zoned Wound Valve Technology also facilitates the use of additional technologies such as topical negative pressure therapy while not compromising the patientâs posture and comfort).


Auto-Matt sensor pad

The Auto-Matt sensor pad rests under the complete length of the mattress and works with the automatic pump to provide constant re-adjustment of cell pressures keeping interface pressure under 10 mmHg for up to 40% of the operating cycle.

Total Heelguard

5 heel cells incorporate vent valve technology, allowing the carer to completely remove interface pressure in this high risk area and providing `Zero Pressure` for the most vulnerable patients such as those with limb ischaemia or existing wounds.

Transport Facility

Mattress can be transformed from a powered support surface to a sealed static air mattress for up to 12 hours, providing a uniform stable surface for patient transportation, nursing procedures, moving & handling and to provide simple support during periods of power failure.


Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) / Rapid Air Deflate Release (RADR) is a quick release, single handed facility located on the mattress control port that enables rapid air deflation for emergencies, short term physiotherapy, moving and handling or storage.

Nimbus 3 Professional moves this standard forward with a range of feature enhancements designed to reflect the needs of the Care Provider across a wide range of settings. From Intensive Care to Elderly Care, across both medical and surgical ward settings, Nimbus 3 Professional delivers proven solutions to a range of patient management issues.

The Nimbus 3 Professional benefits from the standard features of the Nimbus 3 including dual modes of Continuous Alternating Therapy or Static Low Pressure, Head Section Deflate, Heelguard, all delivered with Vent-Valve Control for extended periods of targeted pressure relief.


The Nimbus 3 Professional features Vent-Valve technology for targeted and sustained elimination of pressure from wound sites and other sensitive areas around the body.

This feature assists with accessing difficult body sites for carrying out everyday nursing procedures and assists with running feed lines and drains to and from entry points without risk of occlusion. THE NIMBUS 3 PROFESSIONAL SYSTEM ACHIEVES A NEW STANDARD IN PRESSURE AREA MANAGEMENT.

Alternating Pressure Redistributing Mattress (APAM) replacements have been shown to provide the most clinically effective and costeffective solution for the management of patients most vulnerable to, or suffering from, pressure ulcers1,2.

However, aside from pressure management, many patients present with complex clinical needs, some of which cannot be easily managed on a traditional mattress replacement.

Challenges faced by the clinician:

⢠Need to completely off-load some areas of extreme vulnerability e.g. patients with peripheral vascular occlusion, complex wounds or grafts.

⢠Need to access wounds in patients for whom repositioning may be difficult.

⢠Need for a stable surface during Bed-Chair transfer for safe rehabilitation.

⢠Need to extend the neck for intubation and cannulation in critical care and resuscitation.

⢠Need to provide pressure relief to vulnerable body parts when the patient is nursed prone.

⢠Need access to the skin and hair for hygiene in patients on long term bed rest.

⢠Need free access to feeding lines, drains and catheters to avoid risk of occlusion.

⢠Need access beneath patients for X-Ray imaging.

The benefit of Vent Valve technology:

⢠Customised pressure relief:

Individual cells can be selected and deflated by the clinician to provide complete pressure relief over a particularly vulnerable area.

⢠Supplementary therapy:

In addition to pressure management, groups of cells can be temporarily deflated to facilitate nursing procedures.

(3) Nimbus Pediatric

The prevalence and incidence in a recent small study at a children's hospital in the UK were recorded at 6.5% and 7.2% respectively.

When pressure ulcers do occur they cause children distress and discomfort and possibly subject them to a longer stay in hospital than necessary.

"Parents have remarked on how comfortable their infant/child has looked while being nursed on the Nimbus Paediatric System."

The Nimbus Paediatric System has been specifically designed to cater for this special patient group, incorporating many of the existing features and benefits of the world renowned Nimbus 3 System, maintaining reputation for clinical effectiveness, product durability and value for money established over many years.

(4) Pentaflex

The Pentaflex® mattress is ArjoHuntleighs bestselling foam mattress. Patients have commented that it is one of the most comfortable mattresses. The Pentaflex overlay is made of high density foam which has excellent durable and recovery characteristics that provide long term product performance and extend product life.

The castellations of variable depths (covering head, shoulder, torso, calves and heels; creating 5 zones of protection) maximise support and pressure reduction.

Pentaflex products are manufactured using high quality foams known to be crucial for prolonged mattress life. The range has been developed using established design concepts and rigorously tested to ensure safety and long term performance. Testing under demanding conditions has shown that Pentaflex outperforms more expensive systems.

Value for money

Competitively priced, the range will meet your budget and exceed you expectations, to form an essential element of your "insurance policy" against pressure ulcer development.

Patient protection and comfort

The Pentaflex range provides the optimum balance - effective pressure reduction combined with a superior level of patient comfort. The zones of support are varied according to anatomical distribution of body mass, to create a high degree of conformity, especially near bony prominences.

Five zones of protection:

* Unique design

* Maximises body contact area

* Reduces potential for localised high pressures

* Internal air channels - help reduce build up of heat and moisture

* Improves patient comfort.

Profiling and turning:

* Suitable for most profiling bed frames

* TURNTABLE guide - encourages structured turning regimes in line with mattress care policies

* Reversibility extends product life.

(5) Breeze

The Breeze Low Air Loss Mattress Replacement System provides excellent pressure reduction. Patients unable to tolerate a moving surface or those who feel more secure and comfortable on a non-alternating surface may benefit from low air loss therapy. The system combines continuous low pressure support with optimum user comfort, across a wide range of patient groups.

The Breeze system is a compact, lightweight, highly portable and easy to use mattress replacement system. It is suitable for all healthcare environments, from hospital, to the community and from intensive care to homecare.


* 17 ventilated top cells

* PU (Polyurethane) material - durable and long lasting

* 20.5 cm (8") total mattress height

* Supports patients up to 22 stones (140kg/310lbs)

* Fits almost any hospital or domestic bed base

* Easily profiled

* Incorporates A.I.R* (= Automatic Inflation Regulation)

* Transport facility

* Easy to clean.

(6) Bari-Breeze

The Bari-Breeze Low Air Loss (LAL) Mattress Replacement system is a support surface designed to assist clinicians with the prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers in patients weighing up to 455kg (1000lbs). The Bari-Breeze system provides excellent pressure reduction for bariatric patients assessed to be at very high risk of developing pressure ulcers and for all grades of pressure ulcer up to and including grade 4.

Using âtrue LALâ the Bari-Breeze system ensures the best possible outcome for bariatric patients at risk of pressure ulcers by effectively redistributing pressure away from vulnerable areas by a process of controlled immersion and envelopment while the high air flow is designed to stabilise the microclimate at the skin-mattress interface.

A bariatric person may have limitations in health and social care due to physical size, health, mobility and environmental issues. The specific risks involved are pressure ulcers, complications related to immobility; the cardiovascular and respiratory systems; and manual handling by the caregiver. The Bari-Breeze Low Air Loss, Turn Assist Mattress Replacement system addresses all these issues.

The Turn Assist feature of the Bari-Breeze system provides a range of turn time and angle settings to help carers move the patient from side to side. Lateral rotation not only assists with pressure redistribution but may have additional benefits in other physiological functions such as the respiratory, circulatory, digestive and urinary systems as well as enhanced comfort and patient choice.

Control Unit:

⢠Easy to use, soft key membrane control panel

⢠Panel lockout to prevent tampering

⢠Comfort control setting from 1 (soft) to 9 (firm)

⢠Power failure / low pressure alarm

⢠Rapid CPR deflation

⢠Max flow setting for initial inflation and patient movement on/off

⢠Compact and lightweight power unit is quiet yet powerful and has an integrated carry handle for portability.

Support Surface:

⢠Low friction fabric for ease of repositioning and reduced shear force

⢠Water resistant, vapour permeable and breathable nylon top sheet

⢠Modular mattress design for ease of cleaning and serviceability

⢠Support patient weights up to 455kg (1000lbs)

⢠âTrue LALâ for improved air flow and patient comfort

⢠2â convoluted safety foam base to provide additional support in the event of power failure

⢠Robust carry bag with carry handles and shoulder strap for portability and storage

Lateral Rotation:

The Bari-Breeze system features a dedicated LAL turn assist system for the treatment and prevention of pressure ulcers. Featuring up to 40o lateral rotation, the Bari-Breeze system enables safe movement of the patient to assist nursing staff and their care regimes.

⢠Rotation Selection â left, right, both or no rotation

⢠Cycle Times â 10, 20, 30 and 60 minutes

⢠Rotation Angles â ¼, ½, ¾, full turn up to 40o (+/-5o).

(7) Simulflex

The Simulflex⢠range is the introductory level foam range with a very competitive clinical performance.

With its horizontal cuts, the mattress is particularly suitable for protection over bony prominences. Smaller cuts in the heel and head zone make it extra comfortable, protecting sensitive areas.

Simulflex â Pure Pressure Care

The Simulflex range has been developed to provide a cost effective 24 hour solution for your patients and staff.

The range includes a pressure redistributing foam mattress replacement, overlay and seating system.

Foam Mattress

⢠Made from high quality polyurethane foam

⢠The Simulflex mattress features three different zones of horizontally cut foam for support

⢠Enabling the mattress to be particularly suitable for protection over areas of bony prominences

⢠More and smaller cuts on either ends of the mattress provide and extra comfortable head and heel zone

Comfort and Safety in Mind

Suitable for hospitals, hospices, care homes for the sick and elderly or in community care. Simulflex meets all infection control guidelines and fire retardancy regulations.

Safe and Convenient for Patients and Carers

The Simulflex mattress has been designed and tested by ArjoHuntleighsâ (Huntleigh Healthcare) research and development facility, to ensure good, reliable performance and value for money.

The size of this mattress can be customised to your requirements.

Cover Features

⢠Two way stretch

⢠Vapour permeable

⢠Water resistant

⢠Antimicrobial, bacteriostatic and fungistatic

⢠Easy to clean and maintain

⢠Concealed zip

⢠Clearly marked covers with TurnTable® guide and washing instructions.

Technical Information:

Mattress Replacement User Weight Limit: 120kg (19 stones)

Fire Retardancy: MR System meets BS EN 597 -1: 1995, BS EN 597 -2: 1995 and BS 6807: 1996, Section 2, Ignition Sources 0,1 and 5 Overlay System meets BS EN 597-1: 1995, BS EN 597 -2: 1995 and BS 6807: 1996, Section 2, Ignition Sources 0,1 and 5 in the top position Cover Fire Retardancy: Fully enclosing covers fire retardant to BS 7175.

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