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Shower Trolley Burns Treatment


The new CAREVO shower trolley by ArjoHuntleigh is the latest addition to our shower solutions portfolio, setting a new standard of dignified care for your immobile patients and your caregivers.

CAREVO shower trolley from ArjoHuntleigh is an advanced and innovative hygiene solution. The new CAREVO shower trolley has been designed to provide a comfortable and dignified experience for your patient and a safe and improved working condition for your caregiver.

Features & Benefits

  • The pressure-relieving advanced flexi zone feature provides better comfort for residents/patients and easier handling and access for caregivers.
  • The simple, intuitive and efficient integrated control panel is easily accessible to caregivers.
  • Comfort handles provide support for residents/patients and a greater sense of security while promoting participation and mobility.
  • The innovative ergo access area allows caregivers to improve workflow while working closer to their residents/patients and reducing static load.

  • Description Values
    Max total load (SWL) (patient + water weight) 200 kg (440 lbs)
    Max patient weight 182 kg (400 lbs)
    Product weight 82 kg (181 lbs)
    Lifting stroke 350 mm (13 3/4")
    Min lifting height (from floor to patient platform) 605 mm (23 3/4")
    Max lifting height (from floor to patient platform) 955 mm (37 2/3")
    Width (stretcher) 586 mm (23")
    Total width (incl. side supports in inner position) 759 mm (29 3/4")
    Total width (incl. side supports in outer position) 888 mm (35")
    Inner length (inside the mattress at the bottom) 1900 mm (74 3/4")
    Total length (incl. head & foot panel) 2005 mm (79")
    Length of chassis 1211 mm (47 3/4")
    Width of chassis 700 mm (27 1/2")
    Height of chassis (over castors) 204 mm (8")
    Chassis clearance (from floor to bottom of chassis) 152 mm (6")
    Max back support angle 15°
    Stretcher inclination 1°
    Drainage hose length 1000 mm
    Drainage hose diameter 40 mm
    Battery type NiMH
    Battery voltage 24 V DC
    Battery capacity 2,5 Ah
    Motor power actuator raise/lower 216 VA
    Motor power actuator adjustable back support 72 VA
    Electrical Protection class IPX4
    Motions: Lifting time stretcher - no load (full stroke) 23 ±2 s
    Motions: Lifting time stretcher - Max load (full stroke) 30 ±4 s
    Motions: Lowering time stretcher - no load (full stroke) 20 ±2 s
    Motions: Lowering time stretcher - Max load (full stroke) 20 ±4 s

    Product specification

  • Electrically operated height adjustment with built-in soft start function.
  • Electrically operated back support adjustment (option) with built-in soft start function.
  • Two sets of removable and rechargeable batteries and battery charger.
  • Three integrated control panels.
  • Folding safety side supports with width adjustment function.
  • Double safety side support catches.
  • Ergo-access area for good ergonomics.
  • Stretcher with gentle slope for water run off.
  • Flexizone for improved resident/patient comfort.
  • Integrated shower handle holders.
  • Integrated comfort grip for residents/patients.
  • Split drainage hose that enables two drainage hose lengths.
  • Dual drainage holders.
  • Drain plug.
  • Soft mattress that is easy to remove, with recessed run off channels and side reinforcements.
  • Soft head pillow.
  • 125 mm castors.
  • Brakes on all four castors.
  • Emergency stop.
  • Low battery buzzer.
  • Max patient weight 182 kg (400 lbs).
  • Max total load 200 kg (440 lbs).

  • Concertoâ„¢

    (For Reference)

    An efficient shower and procedure trolley In conjunction with the Shower Panel, Concertoâ„¢ enables safe and comfortable showering routines for the most dependent residents.

    Concerto is particularly useful when treating patients in the acute phase. The shower trolley is mobile and can easily be taken into seperate rooms in the isolation ward. It is also very conenient to use when treating children with burns.

    The resident lies comfortably on the stretcher throughout transport and showering.

    With Concerto you can pick up the patient at their bed and transfer him to the shower panel. Concerto can be used for both showering and bathing by filling the trolley water.

    Concerto is height adjustable and has a soft and comfortable mattress. The mattress has specially designed channels for the water to run off easily and it can quickly be removed for cleaning.

    A range of Concerto accessories is available to maximize comfort and allow optimum adaptation for use in elderly, acute or special care.

    The wedge pillow and adjustable back support both enhance patient comfort and give the carer better access for certain hygine routines.

    A resident or patient assessment may indicate that extra high side-supports will provide the right level of security.

    The drip-feed bottle holder is most applicable in acute care environments.

    The Shower Panel is made of plastic and is connected to a sink of high quality stainless steel with rim flushing. It has a patient shower and an equipment cleaning shower as well as a thermostat that controls the water temperature precisely.

    Transfer from the bed to the Concerto can be performed manually. Other solutions of transfer with mobile or ceiling hoists are possible.

    The Concertoâ„¢ / Basic* Trolley types have the following parts as denoted in this figure, being:

    1 Douche mattaress

    2 Pillow for the patients head

    3 End (head side) support

    4 Remote Control (Concertoâ„¢ Electric)

    5 Stretcher

    6 Battery holder (Concertoâ„¢ Electric)

    7 Horizontal forward movement (Concertoâ„¢ Electric and Hydraulic versions)

    8 Brakes for the Castors

    9 Hose

    10 Pillars for the side supports

    11 Side rails

    12 End (foot side) support

    13 Emergency Brake

    14 Hydraulic oil filling port (Concertoâ„¢ Electric)

    15 Hydraulic oil filling port (Concertoâ„¢ Hydraulic and Basic)

    16 Pedal for vertical movement UP/DOWN (Concertoâ„¢ Hydraulic and Basic)

    17 Horizontal Brake (Concertoâ„¢ Electric and Hydraulic versions)



    The battery will ultimately loose its charge with prolonged storage time (say 6 months), requiring a re-charge. The installation and affixing the Battery Charger to the wall in the moist/humid relatively warm environment as in the utility shower space needs careful consideration, needs adequate consideration requiring to be undertaken by a registered tradesman, using appropriately earthed electrical connections. The longivity of the Battery is extended if it is charged frequently, say e.g. every night after frequent daily use. It is also advisable to procure an additional Battery (saftey sake) with the initial investment.

    The Battery (A) is carefully lodged in the Battery Charger being connected to an earthed connection as in fig. 4; The connector block (B) needs to be connected. If the Battery is charged, the LED (C) in fig. 4 lights up. Further, if LED (D) should light up with orange colour lamp, this implies that the Battery is on the charging mode. Once the Battery is fully charged, this orange light is out and the carer can safely utilize the trolley.

    Available as oil hydraulic (Manual) version and battery powered (electrical) version.

    For acute environments, the manual procedure can result in realatively more jerks, irritating the wounds and the battery (electric) powered version will usually have preference.

    Concerto - Product Specification

    Height-adjustable shower trolley.

  • Hydraulic or electric version
  • Sturdy stretcher with gentle slope for water run-off
  • Automatic levelling when lowered against a bed
  • Stretcher with hinged side supports including double safety latches
  • Tilt-able sideways for optimal cleaning and drying
  • Soft mattress with recessed drain and run-off channels
  • Head pillow and drain plug
  • Horizontal adjustment lever
  • Electric version: Battery-powered with removable and rechargeable battery
  • Electric version: Handset control for raising and lowering
  • Brakes on all four castors
  • Straight steering device on two castors
  • Drainage hose with dual holders
  • Electric version: Extra batteries and charger available
  • Lifting capacity: 330 lbs (150 kg).
  • Accessories:

  • Wedge pillow
  • Adjustable back support, three positions
  • Extra-high side supports
  • Bottle holder for drip-feed bottle
  • Shower panel.
  • Key points

    * The height-adjustable Concerto is designed for comfort and safety with a soft, wide mattress and sturdy trolley construction.

    * Concerto can also serve as a nursing table.

    * It is available in three different lengths and in battery-powered or manual versions.

    System integration

    The complete Concerto concept includes integration with the Shower Panel to create a smooth and stress-free showering system. It also integrates with our ceiling lifts as well as the ceiling suspended sling lifts.

    Enhancing lives

    Concerto can enhance quality of life by making safe and dignified showering easily accessible.

    Making tasks easier and safer

    Dependent residents can be transferred from bed to shower and back again in a safe sequence that involves no manual lifting.

    Improving care and efficiency

    Concerto provides the most efficient and dignified method for regular showering of the most dependent residents. The whole procedure is manageable by a single carer but two carers are recommended for optimal efficiency.

    Concerto improves the quality of life of dependent elderly residents by making showering routines safe, comfortable and dignified. For many dependent residents in long-term care the only daily hygiene option is a bed bath, which is uncomfortable and undignified. A bed bath also puts a lot of strain on the carer’s back and neck, as the procedure involves leaning over the bed.

    Concerto provides an ergonomic solution for showering dependents residents. The height-adjustable function, operated via a handset on the battery-powered Concerto model, means carers can always use the shower trolley at the appropriate safe working height. For safe operating procedures, Concerto generally requires two carers.

    Patient transfer to the shower trolley from the bed can be performed with a ceiling lift, mobile passive lifter or a horizontal transfer using Maxi Slide sliding sheets. Using the mobile Concerto, the resident can be transported to and from the shower area without any manual lifting. The Concerto can be combined with flush sinks to allow easy, convenient splash-free showering by the carers. The stretcher slopes gently for good water run-off. Drain and run-off channels in the sealed mattress also speed water drainage. Used shower water is directed via a flexible drain hose to a floor drain or toilet enabling a wider choice of rooms to be used as the shower area. After showering, the removable mattress and tiltable stretcher make cleaning/disinfection routines quick and easy.

    Concerto is a proven solution for high-quality extra care in the assisted showering of dependent residents. Thousands of our shower trolleys are in daily use at elderly care facilities around the world.

    At acute care facilities, Concerto can support routines that require stringent standards of hygiene.

    Prior to surgical procedures, Concerto can act as an optimum station for the necessary pre-op washing and hygiene routines. A drip feed bottle holder is available as an accessory. In wound or burn care, hygiene is a vital concern and Concerto offers a platform for good access when washing or treating affected parts of the patient’s body.

    A mobile solution can be of particular benefit in acute care. The Concerto can be rapidly moved to wherever it is needed in the facility. Our shower trolley, which can also serve as a useful nursing table, is available in three different lengths making it suitable for adults or children in acute care.

    Basic is an excellent aid when showering recumbent residents. You bring your resident from the bed to the shower and back again without any manual lifting.

    The soft mattress is comfortable to lie on and the wide and sturdy construction of the trolley enables easy access when showering the resident.

    The trolley is easily adjusted from either side to a comfortable working height.

    Key points

  • Basic is height adjustable
  • It is equipped with head pillow and foldable side supports with safety lock.

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